Portable PCR device for rapid onsite microfluidic testing

Colour Touchscreen

7.5 inch touchscreen, user-friendly intuitive control interface

Integrated lithium battery

integrated lithium battery, small size, portable, suitable for field tests

Integrated technology

Chip pack and integrated sample pre-processing technology avoids sample contamination and improves instrumental automation

New design

New detection light path design eliminates scattered light interference and further improves detection reliability


Lower reagent consumption saves testing costs

Reaction time

The minimum PCR reaction time can be reduced to 8 minutes

Detection sensitivity

High detection sensitivity, the lower detection limit can reach a single molecule

Artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence image segmentation algorithm is adopted to ensure accurate and efficient data processing


A high-capacity memory card can connect to a wireless network for easy data storage and transmission

Device specifications

Device specifications Parameters
Temperature control range 20-105 °C
Heating rate 30 °C / s
Cooling rate 10 °C / s
Temperature accuracy ± 0,3 °C
Temperature uniformity > 98%
Chip reaction volume range 2-20uL
Fluorescence channel FAM
Micro heater power 20W
Battery output voltage 20V
Device weight < 3kg
Operating software Portable rapid microfluidic PCR instrument control system V1.0
Operating system Linux operating system
Signal interface USB, HDMI, Ethernet

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